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Welcome to a select gallery of artworks featuring creations by visual artist Kurtis Watkins. Each work of art is available for ownership and prices have been significantly reduced in order to offer greater incentives for ownership. This is a real opportunity to bring these beautiful works into your home, office, or as a gift for someone special. Browse, shop, comment, and share your favorites today!

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Visual Artist, Kurtis Watkins

Ask me about Ownership, and I can tell you how this empowering principal has changed my life. Ownership means following your dreams, and owning your calling. Ownership means never settling for less, and owning your greatness! Ownership means taking the initiative, and owning your actions! This is what I offer with every Watkins work of art - the opportunity to own an idea, a passion, a tangible connection with an extraordinary work of art. Within your own life's journey, I challenge you to take Ownership of your calling, your greatness, and your actions.

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